Learn how to control the brain and behavior

With our PLATO (University of Leiden)-validated courses, I’ll teach you how to infleunce peoples behavior.

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I teach you the ins-and-outs of my behavioral model, so you can read behavior, recognize thinking and direct the brain.

Hein Heijen

Lecturer, Speaker & Author

Hein Heijen

Lecturer, Speaker & Author

“After this course, your career is going to be different.” How, you’ll read in the study guide.

Learn about behavior, thinking and the brain.

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After our training we promise you:

  • Know how your brain processes available and unavailable information

  • Know the ways people make choices

  • Know who is in control of making these choices

  • Know the ways you can positively influence these choices

  • Know what is really going on in the unconscious mind

  • Be able to apply this knowledge immediately, both professionally and privately

  • With this knowledge as a new foundation, rise above your con-colleagues

Or download here our study guide

Hein Heijen,
nice to meet you.

I am an expert in applied neuromarketing, sales & influence psychology, speaker, author of my own book series and – if you want to give your career a huge boost – your future teacher.

I can be hired as a speaker and regularly appear as a guest on podcasts and conduct in-company training sessions.

I help you influence the behavior and choice of your interlocutor.

Academy of Behavioral Influencing

In 2015, I started Academy of Behavioral Influencing. As an academic, this is my baby!

With this label, I provide ambitious professionals like you with a journey through the brain, and train you with my course to become an Behavioral Influence Psychologist.

The great thing: this study has been validated by Dutch University Leiden (NL) named PLATO.

Are you ready for a journey through the brain?
I’ll take you with me.