About Hein Heijen

Hein Heijen is a lecturer, author and expert in the field of applied neuromarketing, sales & influence psychology.

Hein studied business administration and psychology, specialising in counselling techniques, neuropsychology, clinical psychology and social psychology. Hein is a true autodidact.

As you know by now, you and I consciously and unconsciously make between 100 and 8000 choices a day. Making the right choices has never been so complex. There are so many options that we end up being afraid of missing out (“Fear of Missing Out”). Therefore, the latest two books by Hein are about ‘Everything you need to know about influencing‘ and ‘Everything you need to know about behaviour‘. These books give you the answers to the questions: What would happen if you knew exactly how these choices come about? What would that do to you as a person or as a consumer? What if you were able to find out what goes on in the subconscious mind of every human being?
Take a Course – You Won't Regret

“You too want the highest possible financial and emotional return, don’t you? And you are probably using a rational mindset to achieve this, which is totally fine. However, I can show you how you can achieve even better returns using a different method. More sales, better choices, more fun. My passion is to tell, show and teach everyone who wants to do that what the best approach is, and, above all, how to apply it.”

~Hein Heijen