Masterclass Applied Neuromarketing

This Masterclass is available classroom-based and online (in-company on request)

Through Neuromarketing knowledge and skills you will able to understand your customers even better. You will gain insight and control over their reaction(s) to marketing stimuli. This insight and control will become possible because you’ll understand which processes are taking place in the brain when a customer makes his choices. Don’t forget: we humans are ‘choice machines!‘ Consciously and unconsciously, we make approximately between 100 and 8000 choices per day. That is a gigantic number. Especially if you calculate this on an annual basis.

Neuromarketing is a contamination of three words, namely neuro, market and getting. In other words: how do I get a hold on the market based on how the brain works?

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What will you learn during this masterclass?

Neuromarketing focuses on the customer’s perception, the world of experience; it is about feeling, wanting and choosing: what attracts someone’s attention?

  • you will learn what neuromarketing is
  • you will learn which psychophysiological research techniques are available
  • you will learn how to apply this knowledge to your business, company or organization
  • you will learn will how to influence behaviour while retaining freedom of choice
  • you will learn to recognize which unconscious processes take place in the human brain

Who is it for?

For everyone who works in business, government, education or healthcare.


The classroom-based course is set up to be perfectly compatible with a busy work schedule as well as with your private life. Its duration is two classroom-based study days.

Online Home Study

The home study program is designed so that you can study at your own pace whenever and wherever you want.

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    • what is neurology
    • what neuropsychology is
    • what neuromarketing and nanomarketing is
    • what influence psychology is
    • the influence of unconscious and conscious thinking on behavior
    • two mental systems
    • what is reluctance, opposition and resistance
    • the workings of the human brain
    • how value-motivation-sentence words influence your behavior
    • how global companies such as Coca-cola, Pepsi and Sony subconsciously influence us to buy their products
    • language techniques that make people never forget you
    • recognizing and capitalizing on our behavioral, sensation, and thinking brain
    • the 10 sensitivities of our behavioral brain
    • recognizing and employing environmental stimuli that directly influence the choice and direction of our human behavior
    • Classroom: now from 2499,- all-in, excluding VAT
    • Online Home Study:  1999,- all-in, excluding VAT
    • In-company training or customized training? Feel free to contact us for more information about the possibilities and rates.
    • 2 classroom practice days (from 09.30 – 12.30)
    • syllabus with the complete course material, a beautiful and useful reference work
    • bonus: ‘Everything you need to know about influencing’ by Hein Heijen worth 35 euros.
    • unlimited support and guidance during study
    • special training location including free coffee/tea and other refreshments
    • Masterclass certificate with educational validation as proof of knowledge and skills about Applied Neuromarketing
    • 6 interactive online lessons (2 hours and 45 minutes of teaching material)
    • syllabus with the complete course material, a beautiful and useful reference work
    • bonus: ‘All you need to know about Influencing’, by Hein Heijen worth 35 euros
    • 3 digital contact moments for support and guidance during study
    • Certificate of participation with educational validation

    I find the training courses in neuromarketing and sales psychology particularly fascinating, the content is well put together and very instructive for sales people and certainly for other professions as well. In combination with Hein Heijen as a teacher, it has a unique set-up.

    dhr. Bart Weijersdirecteur Amweko BV

    Practical Information

    Next available spots for classroom-based: to be announced.


    • Classroom incl personal guidance and 2 full-day practicals | 4 months
    • Home study incl personal online guidance | at own pace


    • Classroom now for 2499,- all-in, excl VAT
    • Online Home Study incl 6 interactive online lessons for 1999,- all-in, excl VAT
    • In-company we gladly discuss the possibilities

    “Neuroscience over the next 50 years is going to introduce things that are mind-blowing”

    David Eagleman