Book Hein Heijen | Everything you need to know about Influencing

ISBN/EAN: 978-90-829400-7-7


Anyone who reads this book will surely recognize themselves in Hein’s story. You’ll have read and heard many stories about what people do and have done in their lives: often documenting their behavior. What people ‘do’ is clearly visible in the outside world; it’s perceptible. But what and how do these people think before showing these behaviors? And how have they felt? Listening and looking at human behavior is and remains fascinating, but what actually is ‘behavior’ and what drives it? In a unique combination between the objective behavioral sciences and his personal emotional life story, Hein takes you on a unique journey through the world of the psyche. You’ll gain insight into all external and internal factors that influence you today and that have influenced you in the past. You will see, hear and feel which conscious and unconscious factors have caused you and I to become who we are, and to behave the way we do.

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Know when, how & what influences are affecting you

Hein Heijen


Book Hein Heijen | Everything you need to know about Influencing

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